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UmBan is a very handy Joomla plugin for Joomla 2.5.x.

What you can achieve with UmBan is: 

Enter the IP-adresses of the people who are allowed to access to the Joomla! administrators panel.

This can be used for block unwanted traffic from spammers who are trying to access to your Joomla! administrators panel.


Read the instructions before enabling the plugin otherwise it may happen that you can lock yourself so you can't enter the administrators panel.


How to use

After installing UmBan please go to your plugin manager and enter umBan. It is a system plugin so you can filter it easily.

When you've entered the plugin you will see IP-adresses. Enter your own ip address and save it. 

If you want to enter more ip's please note that you can add more by seperating it with the comma ,

After that is done enable the plugin and you are ready to go, no unwanted traffic is allowed to enter your Joomla! Administrators panel.



Currently umBan works only with Joomla 2.5

HELP I locked myself

If you have locked yourself and you are not allowed to enter your own administrators panel, have no fear, problems are there to be solved.

Please enter your PHPMyadmin and go to the following database table:

Enter the prefix_extensions table and search for System - umBan.

After you've found System - umBan edit it and look up for the enabled row.

Change the value of the row from to 0.

As soon as the value is 0, save it and the plugin will be disabled.

Now you are ready to enter your Joomla! Administrators panel.

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