Your Backlink Building Toolbox

You will learn how to take advantage of advanced tools.
This includes employing people and companies to do the work for you. Until that point, we are going to assume you are able to do the work yourself or have an employee ready to do this for you.
The first step in developing a good network or system of backlinks to make sure you have your toolbox available to you.
This is simpler than it may sound. You can build backlinks without having to have a vast array of expensive software packages.

The most important pieces of software to have are:
1. A word processor. Most people use MS Word, but there are other types available such as Open-Office.
Make sure you are comfortable using your chosen program and that the options are set to what you need.
This typically means turning the spellchecker on and ensuring the language is set to your language of choice.

2. An internet browser you trust.
There are dozens of options out there, but the big three are Google's Chrome, Mozilla's Firefox and Microsoft's Internet Explorer.
You should have the browser set up in terms of landing page, language options, and privacy options.
It also helps if your browser remembers passwords to the various sites you are going to use.
Chrome, for example, will offer to remember passwords for sites and I recommend that, if you are the only user of this computer, that you take advantage.
If not, not the passwords down in a notebook or diary, but not on an electronic file (you do not want it hacked).

You might also want to prepare some bookmark folders for all the sites you are going to visit and set up.
Most bookmark folders remember sites in an order with the most recent save at the top.
You can organize this better by creating new folders.
For example, you could have general folders like social, professional and informational, or you can have more specific ones like social networks, bookmarking sites, and blogs.
Do what feels right for you.

When setting yourself up, it is, also worth choosing which search engine you prefer using, Google, Bing, Yahoo or some other site.
It is worth keeping a note of the various search engines as you can use them to improve your website’s performance.
For example, you can use the to see how your backlinking affects the page’s page ranking. Now you have these simple elements sorted, you can begin building excellent backlinks.

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