Social Networks

Social networks are the fastest growing and most used sites on the web.
They appeal to the modern user because they offer a degree of connectivity and choice. Users like to feel they can connect with companies and interact with them.
They also enjoy the idea of telling their friends what they like.
At the same time, your company benefits from accessing these sites because by posting links to your pages on these sites you are creating one-way backlinks.
There are various types of social networking sites. For example, there are social sights for friends like Facebook and Friendster.
Entertainment based sites like MySpace.
Business and professional sites like LinkedIn.
Then you can look at video sharing sites like YouTube.
Photo sites like Flickr and Tumblretc..
There are a vast array of new sites setting up and closing down, so it pays to pay attention to what is going on around you.

In order to create a post you need to log into the social network.
Many of these sites require you to create a profile.
It is best at this point to decide what kind of profile you want to create:

1. Business Profiles honestly reflect who you are and what you do, but many sites do not allow such profiles and many social network users do not like them either.

2. A fake profile will allow you to post updates on your business and use links. They also give you a piece of privacy. However, fake profiles will find it hard to attract friends and if people find out they are fake, then they will become unpopular.

3. A personal business profile will allow you to present yourself as Joe Blogs CEO without confusing the personal with the professional. This is best for sites that do not allow business profiles.

When completing the profile it is important to fill in as much information as you can.
Remember the SEO tips and tricks: Be pithy, be realistic and not odd, be authentic and not a super salesman.
Remember to pick a couple of keywords to help the profile’s ranking.
Most importantly of all, remember to paste your website’s URL into the profile.

Tip: If you run your website on Joomla, use a social network plugin.
These plguins provide you social media buttons such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
This means every time you post an update or make a new page you can press a button that will create a backlink to your page/post automatically.
You will need to have a profile open for each of the sites. This might be time consuming, but will be worth it in the end.

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