Setting up (internal links)

It is very easy to set up a basic backlink.
When you have written a page’s worth of content or added a post to your blog, save the draft, but do not leave the editing page.

Open a second window or tab on your internet browser and find a linked page within your website.
For example, you have just written a product update on your blog, so go to the product’s description page on your website’s catalog.

Now highlight the URL at the top of your browser and copy it.
Go back to your edit page for your new blog post and highlight the name of your product.
Now you can add a hyperlink.
This can be done either by right-clicking on the highlighted word or by using a hyperlink button on your web design program’s option menu.
Paste the link in and save the page.

When people access your page, they will see the name of your product highlighted in a different color (like blue).
If they click on the word, their browser will take them to the product page in your catalog.

This is known as an internal link or onsite backlinks.
This does not attach your site to another website, but it does improve the inter-connectivity of your website and therefore, makes it easier for spiders to find their way around your webpages.

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