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The internet is abounding with websites that are willing to post press releases on your behalf.
The sites tend to divide their services into two types.
Those that are basic and for free, and those that are more advanced and cost money.

First, before you start lining up a long list of press release sites (like some added below) write a press release.
This is pretty much like an advert and a news article rolled into one.
Think about what you want to advertise be it a service or product, perhaps the launch of your website, then work through the statement until you are happy with it.
Here is a hint: find an angle and stick to it.

Each site requires you to create a new profile. This, at first, will feel boring and tiring, but it is worth it in the long run.
Alternatively, using a hiring site that you could outsource the creation of the Press Release profiles to a temporary worker.
Create a profile for each one that reflects your company, so keep it serious and do not use any weird nicknames.

Here I will outline 13 such sites, but remember, there are many more out there with similar deals.
Each site has its own rules as outlined below:

1. offers distribution via LexisNexis, Topix and Google News, but each release costs around $75 though discounts can be made for bulk orders and new users.

2. offers you the chance to create a feed for your press releases, which helps gather some momentum. You can add an image, three tags/keywords and links to your site. You can also publish an event calendar.

3. have important clients such as Lloyds of London and eBay/Skype. It offers free distribution of press releases

4. has offices in North America and China, and offers a free press release service. The site is simple and easy to use, a good place to start with your press releases.

5. has two services. The basic service allows you to link to your site, send a press release and use a single keyword tag. If you upgrade then the press release is permanently archived with the site and you get three links.

6. also utilizes paid and unpaid accounts. A basic free press release comes as a bog standard, but if you upgrade you can add graphics making it more appealing to viewers and search engines alike. Priced package costs depend on the size of the business and the package being bought.

7. is similar in outlook. The basic package is unadorned text with a link, while an upgraded premium package adds product pictures, logos and so on.

8. combines a press release service with advertising services that is claims is unique amongst press release firms online. Thus, the site allows you to also set up a full company profile online.

9. is based in Europe and therefore diversifies your client base and potential reach. Press releases can be in either English or German.

10. offers free press releases plus unlimited releases for $299. The site also hosts a variety of writing advice articles aimed at helping users learn how to write effective press releases.

11. has both free and premium packages. The difference here is that you can vote releases up making it more of a social media and press release mash up.

12. offers teaching advice to press release writers to help them. The site also offers downloadable examples.

13. is a press release site that allows users to pay extra in order for their releases to rank higher.

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