Forum Profiles

Treat forum profiles as a permanent comment facility.
Follow some simple rules and you can exploit the use of forums across the web to the gain of your website.
The forum was a place in the Roman Empire where people could meet, trade goods and information, and listen to politicians on the stump.
Today, internet forums are places where people discuss various subjects.
Some forums are highly specific while others are more general.
As with blog, commenting it is important that you choose your forums carefully.
As with blogs, first check out the quality of the forum before you decide to join it.
Look for the following criteria:

1. Does the Forum have recent posts?

2. How many replies are the top posts receiving?

3. Are there regular members?

4. Is the content relevant to your site?

5. Are there any negative elements that you do not want to be associated with?

Once you have chosen a forum to join, follow its application process.
This may include submitting details about yourself and clicking on a confirmation link via your email address.
The best policy to follow when creating a forum profile is to be honest.
Create a profile that reflects you, but in no way make it into a business profile.
Any promotion of your site or products needs to be relaxed, almost passive as a super salesman personality will put a lot of people off and make it seem as if you are not genuine.
You can either put the web link into your profile or include it as a signature.
I recommend the signature as it allows people to see your signature every time you post a comment on the forum.
Now, as soon as you create the profile and create the link back to your website you have created a backlink.
Part of this is job done, but remember this, every time you write a decent comment on the forum and every time someone reads and replies to your comments, you are promoting your site.
You do not have to become an obsessive member of the forum, but post regularly on topics related to your website and webpages and you will be creating additional backlinks as well as improving their quality.

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