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Website directories are listing sites for webpages.
Some sites act as virtual libraries for websites, while others have tapped into the demand for social media and interactivity and have created recommendation sites, whereby an user’s interests and web searches inform the web directory of what that person is into.
There are literally thousands of directory websites.
It is difficult to manually upload information to each site, but it can be done and it will improve your site’s ranking.
Each link will provide you with a single valid backlink. This will be a one-way link that does not fall foul of bad practice as determined by the search engines.

As there are at least 8,000 directories and as many have been accused of link spamming, it is important to find the right company to deal with.
Most companies that submit to large numbers of directories hire an outside company to do the work for them.

A good backlinking company will do the following:
1. Research all the possible means of linking your site
2. Remove all sites that offer paid links and spam links
3. Provide human and not software-based linking
4. Will update and refresh links
5. Will keep up to date with changes in Search Engine algorithms.

If you wish to manually submit your links, then it is worth looking at the following websites:

1. – a simple and totally free linking site.

2. – an open directory project.






The above picture demonstrates a typical directory submission page.
It includes elements such as the title, URL, description, name, email, category etc...

Access websites such as to find more free and fee paying web directories.
Study each one carefully before submitting your site as some list gambling and adult content sites, which might not be a good fit for you.

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