Chances are that your company already employs a marketing department or an employee in charge of generating advertising. The internet offers a wide variety of choice for advertising your site.
This is not the place to discuss advertising strategies in terms of buying adverts.
However, it is worth noting that there are a large number of free and low cost advertising websites that can generate a backlinks for your website.

Each of the following sites will ask you to create a company profile and to fill in a simple form. You will often be required to input the following information:
· Company name
· Website
· The product or service you are advertising
· A brief description
· Costs of the service
Prepare your basic form before you begin setting up adverts. You can keep the general information the same for each site, but tweak the brief description from advert to advert.

There are literally hundreds of free and premium advertising websites that you can employ, but here is a selection of them:

1. is one of the most well-known in North America.

2. is second after Craigslist, but does include erotic content, so bear that in mind if such content offends you.

3. offers free adverts and submissions to web search engines, plus pays users for expressing their opinions.

4. is an advertising and review website. Like TrafficSwarm, it offers networking and payment options.

5. is a well-ranked site (according to Alexa) and also allows users to upgrade to premium and gold editions to get even more exposure.

6. and are UK orientated classified advertisement companies.

Remember the advantages of advertising include being able to promote your services and products.

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